• Friday, June 1, 2018 @ 8:30 am

The University Hospital Center (UHC) Zagreb brings 1.3 million patients to Clinerion’s network of hospitals, expanding its global footprint into Croatia.

UHC Zagreb (in Croatian: Klinički bolnički centar (KBC) Zagreb) has 1,800 beds. The hospital conducted 51 clinical trials in 2016 and 61 in 2017. It has 39 Principal Investigators and an additional 120 doctors working on trials.

By joining Clinerion’s network of partner hospitals, UHC Zagreb brings its patients and clinicians access to the latest innovative medical treatments being developed by the pharmaceutical industry. Clinerion’s clients, international pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations, use Clinerion’s technology solution to establish the availability and location of populations of eligible patient cohorts for enrollment in clinical trials. Clinerion’s technology makes it easy and reliable to assess whether patients of a partner hospital match the inclusion / exclusion criteria in a trial protocol.

With the addition of UHC Zagreb, Clinerion’s site network expands significantly again in Eastern Europe, allowing clients a wider selection of possible trial sites and an acceleration of their clinical trial programs in terms of time and cost savings arising from Clinerion’s technology solution. With UHC Zagreb, Clinerion’s network of hospital has expanded into twelve countries: eight countries with hospitals already integrated and announced and four countries with hospitals in the implementation phase.

“KBC Zagreb is delighted that this solution will greatly facilitate and accelerate the process of recruiting patients for clinical trials, and ultimately ensure greater availability of innovative therapies for our patients,” says Professor Ante Ćorušić, PhD, MD CEO of UHC Zagreb.

“I am pleased to announce this new partnership with UHC Zagreb,” says Ian Rentsch, CEO of Clinerion. “Expansion of our global site network is key to our offering of comprehensively global patient data to support clinical research wherever necessary. UHC Zagreb offers cutting edge medical facilities, broad-based therapeutic area expertise and a large patient population, making it an ideal location for conducting clinical trials.”

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