• Monday, December 5, 2022 @ 12:00 am

In October 2022, Tigen exercised licensing option with the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, CHUV and University of Lausanne (UNIL) for the development of a Neoantigen-specific Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes product (NeoTIL).

The executed license covers the development and future exclusive worldwide commercialization of NeoTIL, a Neoantigen-specific Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TIL) product.

The signing of this option follows the existing Option, Collaboration and License Agreement that covers the Neoantigen-specific T cell program at the CHUV on behalf of the Ludwig Institute.

Tigen has exercised an option to further develop and commercialize the Neo-Antigen T Cell Product from the Ludwig Institute, the CHUV and UNIL, that is currently in a Phase I trial for the treatment of solid tumors under the sponsorship of the CHUV in Lausanne (CHUV-DO-0018-NeoTIL-2019 / NCT04643574).

Under the terms of the option letter, the collaboration will be intensified around technical and clinical development to accelerate the program to move to the next stage of development.

Jonathan Skipper, PhD, Executive Vice President for Technology Development, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research: “The collaboration between the Ludwig Institute, CHUV, UNIL and Tigen is unique. The experts in research, clinical and technical development are collaborating, early on and seamlessly, with the goal of accelerating access to novel therapies for patients.”

Professor George Coukos, MD, PhD, Director of the Department of Oncology UNIL CHUV and Director of the LICR Lausanne branch on behalf of the CHUV: “The collaboration with Tigen will allow us to accelerate discovery and achieve fast-track clinical innovation. The Tigen Manufacturing Platform could be disruptive for patient access. Their regulatory, manufacturing and process expertise in T cell therapy are very impressive.”

Emmanuel Savioz, Founder and CEO of Tigen: “What George Coukos and his team are doing on behalf of the Ludwig Institute, CHUV and UNIL here in Lausanne is extraordinary. They combine world leading science and a highly qualified team with the commitment to deliver safe and effective treatments to patients. We are enthused to catalyze the further development with our technical, clinical and regulatory expertise and to eventually bring the novel therapies to patients around the globe.”

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