• Monday, June 3, 2019 @ 5:00 pm

At the 2019 R&D Day, Cosmo revealed the AI Smart Box (CB-17-08), a revolutionary artificial intelligence enhanced device for colonoscopy alongside a global distribution agreement with Medtronic; a novel online DTC business model for Aemcolo directly targeting travelers; a new exclusive agreement for Eleview with Medtronic in the US, China and South America replacing the Olympus agreement; and last but not least, announced a new proprietary compound CB-03-10, a novel androgen receptor that will start phase I development in cancer patients in Q4 2019 and on positive results will be partnered to a strong oncology player. In 2019, a net loss of EUR approx. 12 million is expected with Cosmo returning to profitability in 2020. Net cash of EUR 348 million (6 May 2019) will be used to strengthen the pipeline when external opportunities present.

Find the whole report here

Key catalysts include:

  • Activity started for 2nd confirmatory phase III trial MethyleneBlue (2019)
  • AI Smart Box (CB-17-08) European launch (mid 2019)
  • US launch Aemcolo (June/July 2019)

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