How to post news on

If your company is a member of the Swiss Biotech Association,
you can post your organization’s great news on our website directly and for free.

1. Register or sign in

If you do not have a user account for our website yet, please register anywhere on our website (top right) by using your company email address. With this you are already signed in and you can proceed with Step 2.

If you already have an account, sign in anywhere on our website (top right).

2. Add listing

Click the «Add listing» button top right anywhere on our website (see screenshot above).

3. Choose «News release»

4. Select member listings plan

As a Swiss Biotech Association member, you profit from unlimited news listings for free. Click «Select».

5. Enter your news​ & submit

Enter your news. You can preview and amend your news if needed.

Pictures: We disabled the publication of pictures. Although you can upload a picture, it will not be shown with your news.

Submit at the bottom of the entry mask.