Terms & conditions of business


    1. The Swiss Biotech Association is a private not-for-profit association, registered in Zurich, Switzerland.
    2. Membership to the Swiss Biotech Association is valid for a calendar year and starts from the date the completed membership application form is received by the Swiss Biotech Association.
    3. The member agrees to pay the annual fees established for its membership type and category.
    4. Membership fees must be paid in full within 30 days of invoice, in order to access any membership benefits.
    5. Membership will be terminated if fees remain unpaid for a period of one month beyond the due date.
    6. Where the membership fees are unpaid, the Swiss Biotech Association reserves the right to charge the member 100% of the value of any and all benefits received.
    7. If a member company resigns its membership during the calendar year then no portion of the membership fee shall be refunded. Membership can only be terminated by the end of a calendar year and notice of termination of membership needs to be received by the Swiss Biotech Association by the end of November or earlier.
    8. Once renewal instructions have been received and payment has been made, the member company’s benefits are reinstated in full immediately.
    9. Membership benefits apply to all employees of the member company.
    10. Changes to membership benefits will be notified to the member company.
    11. Member company details are included in the association’s Swiss Biotech Directory which is part of the Swiss Biotech Association website.
    12. Members attending Swiss Biotech Association events are subject to additional terms and conditions.


    1. Registration: Priority is given to Swiss Biotech Association members but registration is otherwise accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. A waiting list will be maintained if the capacity of the event is exceeded. The Swiss Biotech Association reserves the right to decline registrations at its discretion.
    2. Fees & payment: Registration fees are to be received by Swiss Biotech Association prior to the event. Unless specifically stated otherwise, all our prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing Swiss rate. The Swiss Biotech Association accepts payment by bank transfer or debit/credit card.
    3. Concessions: Concessions might be available to Swiss Biotech Association members, in accordance with the membership benefits and as specifically stated for each event. If you are unsure as to whether your company is a member of the Swiss Biotech Association, please contact us.
    4. Non-member companies: Attendance at Swiss Biotech Association events by non-member companies is in principle possible but it is entirely at the discretion of the Swiss Biotech Association to restrict such participation.
    5. Amendments to event programs: We reserve the right to make amendments to our programs, panels or speakers.
    6. Cancellation by the Swiss Biotech Association: We reserve the right to cancel a training course, workshop, conference, networking or any other event for any reason prior to the event date. We will inform you about the cancellation as soon as possible and refund any fees that have been paid. The Swiss Biotech Association will not be liable for reimbursement of any other costs.
    7. Delegate cancellation, substitution and non-attendance: Please refer to the relevant event page on our website for details.

Zurich, June 2019