The unique platform for investors and industry partners to find attractive investment opportunities

The Swiss Biotech Ventures platform connects Swiss based biotech companies with global biotech investors and strategic industry partners. As an investor or pharma representative you can use the platform to share your investment focus and partnering interests to Swiss biotech ventures. is a powerful platform for biotech ventures, facilitating their financing and partnering efforts. It seamlessly connects like-minded parties while filtering out any mismatches, saving precious time and effort. With over 97 percent of Swiss biotech companies being privately financed, this platform also increases transparency for investors and pharmaceutical companies, as it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Thus, we also encourage you to share the link with your teams internationally.

By invitation only

Please note that the Swiss Biotech Ventures platform operates on an invitation-only basis, meaning your profile will be carefully validated by a member of the Swiss Biotech Association team. When accessing the platform, please use below guidelines according to your role. We will guide you through the necessary steps for registering on the platform, and share some best practices to maximize your experience.

How to register and useful hints

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and check out useful hints to best present yourself and work with the platform.