• Tuesday, February 7, 2023 @ 11:00 am

ACROBiosystems has now officially begun its recombinant antibody services which includes comprehensive services encompassing gene construction, expression, purification and quality inspection.

Recombinant antibodies, unlike the traditional hybridoma antibodies, have been popularized in recent years due to its unique advantages in high-throughput production and large-scale antibody expression. However, the resulting recombinant antibodies have the same specificity, activity, and structure as its traditional hybridoma counterpart. This means the diverse set applications utilizing antibodies such as immunodiagnostics and other biologics-based analytical research can benefit greatly from recombinant antibodies. Starting from with the diverse needs of research and development scientists to the large quantities required by pharmacuetical manufacturers, ACROBiosystems provides a flexible, one-stop solution for recombinant antibody development needs.

As a key supplier in the biopharmaceutical field, ACROBiosystems has spent the last decade developing and perfecting its recombinant antibody technology platform to meet the growing demand for custom antibody reagents throughout drug discovery and preclinical research. This includes an independently optimized mammalian cell expression platform, based on HEK293 and CHO cells, as well as large-scale production experience in antibody reagent products. Paired with its strict quality management system, ACROBiosystems provides a one-stop service that encompasses the entire antibody production workflow, starting from antibody sequence information (or VH/VL information) to delivering high-purity and low endotoxin recombinant antibodies, as well as antibody class switching services. ACROBiosystems can also optimize the culture and production protocol according to the customer's large-scale production needs, and provide recombinant antibody production services varying from gram to kilogram according to the standard of endotoxin level of less than 1EU/mg.

Aligning with its commitment to its customers in providing 'Better Design, Better Quality, Better Support, and Better Customer Experience’, ACROBiosystems’ Recombinant Antibody Protein Services seeks to deliver prompt, high-quality recombinant antibodies that meets each customers’ requirements, whether it is timely delivery (as fast as 2 weeks to delivery of custom recombinant antibodies) or specific specifications (including yield, concentration, etc.); hopefully fulfilling and exceeding the of needs of their industrial customers.

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