• Wednesday, September 1, 2021 @ 10:00 am

Alithea Genomics launches its first kits on the market, which enable high-throughput and cost-efficient RNA sequencing for large-scale biomarker and drug discovery projects.

Alithea Genomics, a rapidly growing player in the transcriptomics field, has announced today the launch of its first MERCURIUS BRB-seq kits, which enable high-throughput and cost-efficient RNA-seq library preparation from a wide range of RNA samples.

BRB-seq is Alithea’s flagship technology and is based on early sample barcoding and pooling. With BRB-seq, right after the initial reverse transcription reaction, hundreds of RNA samples can be processed in one single tube. This translates into a significant reduction of reagents and manual effort involved in the overall workflow.

The MERCURIUS BRB-seq kits provide an optimized set of barcodes, which ensure uniform and reproducible data generation from a large number of samples.

Moreover, the newly launched BRB-seq kits are also optimized for RNA samples from various tissue types. In addition to standard purified RNA, the BRB-seq kits are also compatible with cell lysates (i.e. no need for RNA extraction) and for blood RNA samples (i.e. globin depletion is integrated in the BRB-seq workflow).

“We are particularly proud of our first kits, especially after a successful beta-testing period with early adopters” said Daniel Alpern, CTO at Alithea Genomics. “BRB-seq has already proved itself an empowering solution for several users and now, through our kits, we want to make easy and convenient for anyone to adopt this new technology”.

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