• Thursday, July 13, 2023 @ 8:00 am

BC Platforms (BCP), a global leader in healthcare data management and analytics announces a new release of BC|RQUEST,  a groundbreaking software update designed to revolutionize drug development and discovery. This unique global federated clinical and genomic network enables secure and compliant access to clinical data, while significantly enhancing the speed and effectiveness of clinical trials.

BC|RQUEST provides researchers with access to an extensive catchment of 70 million patients in a global network. This enables valuable insights and breakthroughs tailored to diverse patient populations, promoting advancements in medical research. Operating within a trusted research environment, the software ensures strict compliance with GDPR and HIPAA regulations and guarantees secure data processing and analysis, facilitating seamless collaboration between biobanks and external researchers.

By streamlining operations, BC|RQUEST expedites the clinical trial process, leading to faster approvals and improved patient outcomes. The software optimizes efficiency and enhances the overall success rate of clinical trials. A user-friendly interface serves as a comprehensive portal for data requests and approvals. Researchers can utilize the cohort search function to discover relevant data based on specific inclusion and exclusion criteria. Once approved, users gain access to the requested data through the BC Platforms Trusted Collaboration Environment.

“BC|RQUEST represents a significant advancement in clinical research capabilities,” said Tero Silvola, CEO of BC Platforms. “With access to an extensive patient pool and accelerated clinical trials, we are dedicated to improving the lives of patients worldwide through groundbreaking discoveries and innovative solutions. Together with advances in our data partner network, BC Platforms continues to lead in RWD federation technology and services.”

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