• Tuesday, March 6, 2018 @ 12:00 am

BC Platforms, a pioneer in genomic data management and analytics, today announces it has launched GeneVision, a new end-to-end Solution for Precision Medicine, that uses the Microsoft Genomics service which runs on Microsoft Azure. GeneVision provides end-to-end Software-as-a-Service solution from raw genome data to patient reports, implemented using Azure services. GeneVision utilizes several of BC Platforms existing pipeline technologies, and offers scalable, easy-to-use workflows for both genotyping and next-generation sequencing, data quality monitoring, and production of different patient reports for precision medicine.

Many healthcare institutes are currently shaping their genomic healthcare strategy, and designing their approach for transforming their operations from the use of individual genetic tests to larger data production and broader genetically assisted decision making on a population level. It is clear that the value of the generated genomic data in itself is of significant magnitude. It is not just the financial investments put into chemistry, instruments and laboratory work, but the utility of the data for further healthcare applications, and research.

However, this transformation is creating new challenges to healthcare providers due to the sheer enormity of the data volume and complexity. These challenges include the design and provision of most scalable and cost-effective solutions for future large-scale genome data production and quality control, scalable IT environment for genome data handling, and finding the streamlined solution for genomic result interpretation and delivery to clinician making decisions in patient care. GeneVision has been launched by BC Platforms to serve this need.

Tero Silvola, CEO of BC Platforms commented: ‘Our technology is focused on using the insight and knowledge driven from genomics to contribute to better and more personalized healthcare outcomes to patients. BC Platforms’ GeneVision platform, that uses the Microsoft Genomics service, which runs on Microsoft Azure, delivers accurate, actionable and secure clinical insight at the point of care.”
Geralyn Miller, Director, Microsoft Genomics, commented, “GeneVision can help healthcare professionals expand the role of genomics beyond rare diseases and oncology, towards producing NGS and Genotyping data at scale and expanding its application beyond research use. We are very excited to be part of this transformation together with our partner BC Platforms, and enable the ability for customers to incorporate precision medicine practices into their organizations, at a large scale.”

Both BC Platforms and Microsoft will be presenting GeneVision at the leading health information and technology conference HIMSS in Las Vegas this week, between March 6th-8th 2018. BC Platforms and Microsoft partner booth can be found at booth #3832.

You can experience the free trial version of GeneVision by accessing the Microsoft AppSource partner portal.

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