• Friday, August 25, 2023 @ 9:00 am

Building on decades of experience with primary human cell cultures, Curio Biotech Ltd adds new in-vitro research services in the field of maternal-foetal medicine. Thanks to Swiss 3RCC foundation for supporting this a new project.

Founded in Jan 2017, Curio Biotech Ltd is a privately-held science-based Contract Research Organization (CRO) founded with the help and support of TheArk foundation, Valais, Switzerland. Since then, it has delivered personalized in-vitro services (cell and molecular biology) in the areas of dermatology, inflammation, immuno-oncology, vascular diseases, regenerative medicine and metabolic disorders to clients on 3 continents. It has experience in developing platform technologies for functional screening of drugs/compound libraries, bioassays using primary human cells to demonstrate mode of action (MOA) and efficacy testing.

Recently, US-FDA announced that animal tests are no longer required in the USA, leading to an innovation push for effective and reliable human in vitro testing technologies that closely mimics life. We believe that our depth of experience, flexibility and accessibility will be a great opportunity for the sponsors to leap forward their projects.

New services related to maternal-fetal medicine
During pregnancy, research findings suggest that exposition to various chemicals pose an irreversible toxicity, leading to harmful diseases like cancer and various genetic, metabolic and developmental disorders that are carried over to the next generation. We are grateful to the Swiss 3R Competence Centre (3RCC) for funding a project to develop novel reconstructed human in vitro system for studying the maternal-fetal interface in collaboration with Prof. Christiane Albrecht, University of Bern. The method can help to study drug transport across the human placental barrier using primary human cells.

Curio Biotech will tune this system to industrial needs and provide research services supporting pregnancy-related disorders in the areas of drug/nutrition transfer, toxicity and functional studies for Pharma and Nutrition industries.

Dr. Cuddapah: “Our sincere thanks go to our clients who bring their innovative products to us. Combining our experience along with our clients’ scientific teams, we were able to find a solution for their product development programs. We welcome interested investors to the expansion phase of Curio Biotech.

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