• Tuesday, October 1, 2019 @ 9:00 am

Industry’s most widely used platform for screening data analysis accelerates Eisai’s novel drug discovery

Genedata, a leading provider of advanced software solutions for biopharmaceutical R&D, today announced that Eisai Co. Ltd (Tokyo) has renewed a multi-year agreement to use Genedata Screener as its standard screening data analysis platform for drug discovery projects. Importing data from any screening instrument, Genedata Screener enables Eisai researchers to quickly and efficiently analyze experiments of all sizes, from pilot projects to high-throughput screening (HTS) campaigns.


More than 60% of world’s top pharmaceutical companies rely on Genedata Screener
Eisai is among the world’s leading pharma, CRO, and academic research organizations that consider Genedata Screener to be the gold standard in screening data analysis. Handling all screening technologies – regardless of the data output type, volume, and complexity – Genedata Screener streamlines workflows and helps to reduce time and maintenance while providing a solution for evolving data analysis needs and technologies. "As a consistent and standardized platform, Genedata Screener is not only easy to maintain – it enables our researchers to share analysis protocols, reduce manual errors, and easily understand data,” said Dr. Kappei Tsukahara, vice president, chief data officer and head of Tsukuba Research Laboratories at Eisai.


“Originally, Screener was used for analyzing data in high-throughput screening experiments,” continued Dr. Tsukahara, “now, we also use Screener for smaller-sized campaigns and pilot projects - so we are capitalizing on the versatility and flexibility of the platform for a variety of experiments beyond HTS.” With Genedata Screener, Eisai’s reporting process is simplified, and data analysis time is drastically reduced, which gives researchers more time to focus on assays. Using Genedata Screener to centralize data analysis workflows, Eisai researchers rely on the platform’s:

  • Consistency and Standardization capabilities that generate comparable and reliable results, which enable group leaders to easily judge experiment results.
  • Real-time Data Sharing that accelerates decision making and next steps in the drug discovery process.
  • Automation of routine assays that saves time, reduces manual errors, and empowers researchers to focus on improving science.
  • Low Maintenance rooted in its enterprise deployment and self-serve user interface enabling scientists to set-up experiments, analyses, and perform basic platform configurations on their own.


“Having the ability to reliably analyze multiple assays in parallel significantly reduces the time typically required for such analysis while eliminating associated data bottlenecks,” said Dr. Tsukahara. “These capabilities combined with Screener’s best-practice analysis workflows ensure high-quality results – all of which drives faster decision-making.”


“Eisai is among our many forward-thinking pharma customers globally that are leveraging Genedata Screener’s inherent flexibility and automation capabilities for competitive advantage,” noted Dr. Othmar Pfannes, CEO of Genedata. “Our customers know that Genedata is committed to continually advancing innovative technologies to ensure they can rely on future-proof solutions. This commitment to innovation generates quantifiable ROI, which contributes to the ever-increasing adoption of the Screener platform worldwide and strengthens ongoing relationships with valued customers such as Eisai.”

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