We at INCAPTEK are developing advanced drug delivery systems. We deliver drugs at the right place, in the right dosage, and at the right time. Our smart, programmed-shell micro(nano)capsules can be used for controlled and targeted drug delivery for both biotech and medtech.

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Our programmed-shell microcapsules can be: used for pharmaceuticals (for controlled drug release, cancer-specific drug release, gene therapy, CAR T-cell therapy, and vaccines) - attached to the polymer film to create smart drug-eluting coatings for medical devices - loaded onto surgical sutures

Cooperation possibilities

INCAPTEK is interested in finding partners to co-develop and market our controlled and targeted drug delivery solutions for medical devices, surgical sutures and pharmaceuticals: controlled drug release / cancer-specific drug release / gene therapy / CAR T-cell therapy / vaccines.

Some insights

    Each year, a multitude of novel drugs appear on the market. However, they circulate without real control, reducing efficacy and leading to side effects. We found a solution. Our technology delivers drugs to the patients at the right place, dosage, and time, greatly improving treatment outcomes.

    We possess unique micro(nano)encapsulation capabilities. We offer smart, programmed-shell multi-layered microcapsules with controlled, targeted and triggered release functions. Our microcapsules can be programmed to open and release drugs at the desired time, place and with the required kinetics.

    Our team has over 25 years of experience in microencapsulation and is led by Prof. Gleb Sukhorukov. Named by Forbes among the top 10 world-known expat scientists, he is a leading scientist in nanobiotechnologies and an inventor of programmed-shell microencapsulation.

    INCAPTEK is developing nanotechnologies that improve patients’ health more efficiently compared to traditional methods. Drugs are released in a fully controlled manner or delivered directly to the part of the body where they are needed to increase efficacy and reduce the risks of side effects.

    We are looking for exposure and contacts with pharmaceutical companies and the producers of medical devices (implants, catheters, surgical sutures, etc.). The Swiss biotech ecosystem could help us bring our technologies to the market by providing us with visibility and networking opportunities.

    INCAPTEK seeks contacts with pharmaceutical companies and the producers of medical devices (implants, catheters, stents, surgical sutures, etc.) to bring our controlled drug release technologies to the market.

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  • c/o Switzerland Innovation Park
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