IST AG is your sensor and technology partner for temperature, flow, conductivity and metabolite sensors. Ready-to-use and custom sensor solutions with competent support for single-use sensor design, integration into process control (PAT) and laboratory analytical systems.

Products, services, technology

Biosensors for metabolic monitoring (Glu, Lac, Glutamate) in cell cultures, as well as organ perfusion systems and medical devices for patient monitoring. Flow, conductivity, temperature sensors, along with micropumps complete the product portfolio for up-/downstream processing.

Cooperation possibilities

Bioreactor and PAT suppliers, e.g. glucose+lactate microfluidic biosensors for metabolic monitoring in cell cultures.
Diagnostic and microfluidic test kits, e.g. microheaters and temperature monitoring.
Medical devices, e.g. flow sensors for ventilators, lung function monitoring.

Facts & figures
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    Public company
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