• Tuesday, July 28, 2020 @ 12:00 am

Ingenious InFloat Shipping System protects and secures delicate microtissues in transit, ensuring they are ready to use in drug discovery and safety testing experiments upon arrival.

InSphero AG, the pioneer of 3D cell-based assay technology, announced that the company has completely re-engineered its live microtissue shipping technology and is introducing InFloat: a unique shipping system designed to keep plates of assay-ready 3D InSight microtissues upright, secure, and at physiological temperatures suitable for live cell cultures during domestic and international transit.

InSphero, the first biotechnology company to successfully transport living 3D cell-based spheroid models using global express delivery services, guarantees that its assay-ready microtissues stay alive and preserve their physiological function under often harsh conditions during shipments that can require several transit days, depending on the destination. The new, patent-pending InFloat packaging system employs a simple, but ingenious approach, in which a watertight spherical container floats on water inside a cubical container and can freely rotate, so that the precious microtissue cargo inside always remains in a stable, upright position.

“One of the biggest challenges of shipping live 3D cell cultures is that we simply can’t control what happens to our boxes of microtissues after they leave our bioproduction facilities,” says InSphero CEO and Co-Founder Jan Lichtenberg, PhD. “Our InFloat shipping system reduces shipping risks and uncertainty by allowing our carefully packaged plates of microtissues to literally float safely on water until they reach their destination.“

InSphero, which develops 3D cell models comprising primary human cells that are used by global pharmaceutical companies for drug discovery and safety testing, is now delivering plates 3D InSight Liver and Islet Microtissues in the new InFloat shipping system.

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