• Thursday, February 22, 2024 @ 12:00 am

LubioScience GmbH, Switzerland’s leading Life Sciences platform, expands its product portfolio with the addition of fresh human blood products and biospecimens provided by Research Donors from the UK.

With this expansion, LubioScience now offers fresh human blood products and biospecimens in Switzerland. The precision human blood biospecimens are collected and processed by Research Donors in the UK to meet researchers' specific needs. The sample collection adheres to professional standards and is UK HTA-licensed and HRA ethical approved. The industry-grade procedures and documentation, and consistently high sample quality, supports customer projects across the CRO, pharma, biotech, diagnostics, and academic research markets. The large and diverse donor pool offers a selection of donor specifications such as age, sex, ethnicity, blood group, HLA type, and more. Additionally, the fresh human blood products offer a choice of anticoagulant, format, and volume. Delivery is available on the next day after collection across Europe, offering researchers access to fresh human blood samples whenever their research demands.

"We are thrilled to introduce fresh human blood products and biospecimens to our product portfolio, reaffirming our commitment to supporting groundbreaking research across various disciplines," said Dr. Hendrik Mallin, Sales Director and Biospecimen Specialist of LubioScience. "By offering a diverse range of high-quality blood products and biospecimens, we aim to facilitate discoveries that drive advancements in science and healthcare."