• Wednesday, May 29, 2024 @ 8:00 am
  • NBX-HEK293 properties can address significant development and manufacturing bottlenecks of gene therapies
  • Engineered clonal cell line fully sequenced, annotated and characterized

NewBiologix SA, a technology innovation company focused on addressing gene and cell therapy manufacturing gaps, announced today the launch of NBX-HEK293, the Company’s engineered host HEK293 cell line for the production of recombinant adeno-associated viruses (rAAV) used in gene therapy. This novel and commercially available host cell line marks a significant advancement for biopharmaceutical companies dedicated to developing gene therapies.

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies for long and short-read sequencing, optical mapping, and powerful bioinformatics analysis, the NBX-HEK293 cell line has undergone complete sequencing and annotation, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of its genetic makeup. NBX-HEK293 demonstrates improved and more reliable rAAV titers following transient transfection. NBX-HEK293 consistently outperformed the host polyclonal HEK293 cell line in terms of rAAV production. This translates to higher yields and greater reliability, addressing a significant bottleneck currently experienced when producing viral vectors for gene therapies. Further key features of NBX-HEK293 include robust growth properties, such as optimal doubling time, high-density cell culture performance and fast recovery after single-cell cloning. These attributes ensure consistent and efficient production processes, critical for scaling up gene therapy development.

Igor Fisch, Ph.D., NewBiologix CEO and Co-founder, said: "Our dedicated scientists and bioinformaticians have worked diligently to develop the NBX-HEK293 cell line, which not only meets but exceeds industry standards. This innovation is a significant step toward our goal of launching our stable HEK293 cell line producing rAAV particles for gene therapies.”

Key Advantages of NBX-HEK293

  • Improved Transfection Efficiencies: Better transfectability using chemical reagents and electroporation.
  • Robust Growth Properties: Optimal doubling time and high-density culture performance, facilitating scalable production.
  • Improved rAAV Titers: Enhanced and consistent rAAV production compared to the host polyclonal HEK293 cell line.

The attributes of NBX-HEK293 make it an ideal choice for transient transfection processes and scalable production while ensuring phenotypic and genomic stability. By streamlining manufacturing processes, NewBiologix seeks to help its customers facilitate faster and more cost-effective delivery of life-changing gene therapies to patients worldwide.


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