• Tuesday, February 6, 2024 @ 12:00 am

Oryl Photonics announces the successful conclusion of a CHF 830’000 seed fundraising. The round is backed by Swiss investors, including CADFEM International AG, S2S Ventures and several business angels. This is a significant achievement for Oryl Photonics, a company pioneering the development of highly efficient solubility measurement for pharmaceutical and life science companies.

“We are very happy to close this seed round, a proof of investors’ confidence. Oryl Photonics is excited to make a world impact through its light-scattering based technology and to empower researchers in the pharmaceutical, chemical and life sciences industries to achieve more in their work” shares Orly Tarun, CEO & Co-founder.

A capital injection for commercialization and industrialization
Oryl Photonics completed its seed round on January 19th. Founded by Orly Tarun and Nathan Dupertuis, the startup based in Lausanne has developed an instrument based on an advanced form of laser-based light scattering technology. The spin-off from EPFL received over the last years CHF 1.2 million in non- dilutive funding, grants, and awards from various organizations such as Innosuisse, Fondation pour l’Innovation et la Technologie (FIT), European Research Commission (ERC), and EPFL. This additional funding of CHF 830’000 will help Oryl Photonics to prepare the commercialization and industrialization of its laboratory instrument, and to develop its 'solubility measurement as a service’ offer.

A technological breakthrough for life science R&D
Measuring how drugs dissolve in liquids is crucial for the development of efficient drugs. Oryl closes the gap in solubility measurement through its highly efficient (rapid throughput) and accurate laser-based light scattering technology that requires the least quantity of compounds. Its ‘Solvent Redistribution’ method – born at EPFL – is the world’s-first solution that will disrupt the way solubility measurement is performed. Oryl’s instrument provides a straightforward analysis and automated solubility testing process for pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies, while saving precious compounds compared to existing technologies.

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