Prasfarma is a Pharmaceutical Company that operates as a CMO and CDMO) with experience in cytostatics, high potency products and biologics.

Our flexibility & state of the art technologies, make us the ideal partner for small productions or R&D projects (pilot plant) and commercial supply (factory).

Products, services, technology

Products: Cytostatics, high potency products, biologics, injectable / solid forms

Services: Formulation, analytic validation, stability testing, quality control, regulatory, clinical development, production and regulatory.

Technology: State of the art technology (freeze drying adapted to Annex 1)

Cooperation possibilities

We offer our services as a CMO and CDMO to start ups, or research groups that have an idea and want to put it in the market. We can start working with you from the very early phases of any project to the finished product delivery, in an end-to-end strategy.




Some insights

    Helping innovative projects to success in all phases of research and manufacturing plans, to reach needed patients ASAP.

    Also with a sustainable strategy that works 3 dimensions (environmental, social, ethics). Jané Mateu Foundation governs the company, ensuring the fulfillment of those purposes.

    I am proud of the way we work, flexible and close to our customers and always keeping innovation in our core activities. I feel proud and happy of having a profound purpose in all our goals.

    Companies that help and give voice to small research groups and start-ups, supporting them and making them easy to access to the market with their innovation.

    And also companies that works in an agile environment, that allows to quickly and efficiently success bringing products to the market.


    Flexibility, proximity and expertise managing complex project are the core strenghts of Prasfarma team. In the near future we expect to expand our capacities integrating in our portfolio cell therapies processing; we are currently working on it, so at Prasfarma the future is now.

    They are convinced that I am focused on science applied to enhance people's health. They know my vocation and dedication to it, and they are happy to know that I am extremely happy with the mission of my role.

    Giving us access to this ecosystem means  a lot for us. Knowing all the events, and helping us to spread our capacities would be very useful for us. We really want to help other companies to achieve their goals and we are a trusted and experienced partner to work with.

    Start ups, Consultants, Transfer offices, Research groups, other medium size biotech companies, and specially all that kind of biotech companies that need a partner to manufacture their batches (from very small to big batches)

Additional address info
  • Av. Autonoma 13. Parc Tecnoloògic del Valles. 08290 Cerdanyola, Barcelona
Facts & figures
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    Private company
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  • Number of employees in Switzerland

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