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Good Distribution Practice (GDP) brings assurance to companies shipping medical products.

An important criterion in terms of service quality for healthcare industry is compliance according to the EU guidelines for good distribution practice for medicinal products for human use (Good Distribution Practice – GDP).

GDP is a critical part of quality assurance which ensures that the quality of medicinal products is maintained throughout all stages of the supply chain from the site of manufacturer to the pharmacy or person authorized or entitled to supply medicinal products to the public.

UPS has maintained its GDP certification for Switzerland and Austria for the second year in a row. The certificate was recently renewed thanks to successful audits for the entire network which includes UPS parcel branches and distribution hubs in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany.

Criteria checked included quality control, employee training, safety, internal inspection procedures and facility cleanliness. UPS meets all these criteria, ensuring the quality and integrity of critical shipments throughout the supply chain.

During 2021, Switzerland’s life sciences sector again played a major role in combating the COVID pandemic with two Swiss based companies developing in partnerships effective Covid-specific therapeutics. In addition, Swiss life science companies also continued their work developing innovative solutions for other high unmet medical needs.[1] The market for pharma and healthcare products continues to grow.

In 2021, exports from the Swiss life sciences sector (pharmaceuticals, vitamins and diagnostics) increased to a record CHF 109 billion (+9% over 2020). This accounted for 42% of the total Swiss exports.[2] Quality logistics plays a crucial role here because in the healthcare sector, shipping is often about more than just delivering a package. It can be about getting vital medicines to patients reliably, safely, and quickly, delivering life, if you want. Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical producers as well as drug dealers can benefit from this GDP certification because they no longer must subject their deliveries to a risk assessment – less time devoted to checks; more time devoted to patients

This compliance brings another key benefit for companies shipping medical goods for human consumption – it ensures maintenance of product integrity which is of utmost importance in healthcare.


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