Quant Biomarkers AG, a Swiss life sciences technology company, specializes in predictive biomarker-based platforms for early detection of chronic disease risk and new therapeutic targets. Leveraging innovations in AI/ML & novel biomarkers, we address healthcare challenges in aging populations.

Products, services, technology

Our initial focus is on chronic kidney disease & nephroprotective therapy. Lead products include RenoPredict®, an AI/ML based CDSS, CKD prognostic based on SoC biomarkers and RenoRisk® panel of novel biomarkers measured in urine for glomerulonephritis & CKD early risk detection and stratification.

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Biomarker platforms, CDx and Dx discovery, development, optimisation, technology switches and validation, from pre-clinical to market robust biomarkers. Hospital care focused on Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and CardioRenal Metabolic Syndrome (CRS).

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    Private company
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