• Monday, November 23, 2020 @ 12:00 am

Despite the Puldysa setback, we believe Santhera provides ample equity upside. Positive results of the pivotal “VISION-DMD” trial of vamorolone in DMD in Q2 2021 will be transformational for Santhera with a sharp re-rating. Santhera can now monetize non-DMD indications to replenish its current cash position that reaches up to Q2 2021.

Key catalysts include:

  1. Lonodelestat MAD trial results (Q1 2021)
  2. Vamorolone pivotal “VISION-DMD” trial results (Q2 2021)
  3. Vamorolone US DMD filing (Q4 2021)

Go to the Santhera Valuation Report "Vamoro-alone"

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