At Stämm we develop accessible, plug & play biomanufacture solutions; allowing an automatized, continuous and more efficient production of biologics and cell therapies while managing media conditions. We have reinvented biomanufacturing by providing an alternative to the known biomass production.

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Stämm is an End-to-End Provider encouraging free flow of information between R&D, manufacturing, analytical, quality, engineering,& sourcing. We have developed the first 3D printed microfluidic-bioreactor of continuous production for monoclonal antibodies and cell therapies.

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    We make biomanufacturing easy, scalable and repeatable by combining microfluidics and 3D printing. This means we provide the world the capability to 3D print  install capacity to biomanufacture biologics anywhere at any time while reducing footprint, CAPEX and OPEX and increasing productivity.

    Because we're revolutionizing biomanufacturing to create sustainable and efficient processes. We're making significant steps in improving scalability, reducing costs, and speeding the development of life-saving therapies, ultimately contributing to the betterment of healthcare and the environment.

    Diverse expertise, collaboration, and passion drive our team's strength in revolutionizing biomanufacturing for healthcare and sustainability. Thinking about the future skills we will require, the first one we consider is indutrialization to scale up our technologies.

    They would say I work on a company that works on cutting-edge technologies that help other companies produce medicines that help people stay healthy. And about my role in partocular, I build partnerships and explore new opportunities to help the company grow and make a difference in healthcare.

    It offers a conducive environment for biotech companies due to its strong scientific infrastructure, supportive regulatory framework, access to skilled talent, and a robust network of research institutions and industry partners.

    Companies and academic institutions working on R&D of mAbs and CGT that require cell line optimization and scale up.

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