• Thursday, February 22, 2024 @ 3:00 pm

BigOmics Analytics has announced its partnership with Almaden Genomics to integrate g.nome with Omics Playground, BigOmics’s data discovery platform, to provide end-to-end omics data analysis. While g.nome facilitates effortless iteration in data processing and analysis, allowing researchers to explore their results with complete traceability and reproducibility, Omics Playground enables researchers to dig deeper with interactive analysis for a better understanding of underlying biology.

“Connecting Omics Playground with the g.nome solution gives researchers an easy transition into downstream analysis,” said David Gascoigne, Chief Executive Officer of Almaden Genomics. “The ability to go further downstream with added tertiary analysis further accelerates the researcher’s race toward critical insights.”

Omics Playground enhances interactive exploration of experimental results, offering an intuitive platform for RNA-Seq and proteomics data analysis. This user-friendly approach facilitates the interpretation and presentation of biological findings by biologists, while providing a reproducible and scalable omics data analysis solution for bioinformaticians. Pairing Omics Playground with g.nome simplifies the journey for the data scientist and biologist wanting to streamline drug discovery.

“Linking our platform with g.nome allows us to make true end-to-end analysis attainable,” said Murat Akhmedov, Ph.D., Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at BigOmics. “We aim to democratize omics data analysis, expediting tertiary analysis and enhancing collaboration within biotech and academic teams. Making tools more accessible invites more innovation from all levels by lowering the barriers to discovery.”

Almaden Genomics’ g.nome platform delivers pre-built, transparent, and fully modifiable workflows that enable scientists to unlock results quickly and dig deeper where needed—with a complete understanding of the results and where they came from.

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