GTP Bioways is a French-based CDMO that prioritizes customized services supporting biopharmaceutical companies throughout their journey from R&D to clinics. With more than 20 years’ experience, we specialize in process development and GMP manufacturing of biologics, bioconjugates and nanodrugs.

Products, services, technology

We provide a wide range of services:

Process Development inc. Cell Line Development, GMP manufacturing (Microbial and Mammalian systems), Cytotoxic conjugation, Aseptic Filling (Vials and pre-filled syringes), Analytical development, Immunoassay, ELISA Development and HCP risk management.

Cooperation possibilities

We are keen on collaborating with biotechs requiring diverse services, ranging from process development to aseptic Fill & Finish. Additionally, we are interested in partnering with other CDMOs or CMOs to leverage complementary expertise and work together effectively.

Some insights

    We prioritize serving innovation by offering robustness, availability, and proximity. Our values of empathy, integrity, and transparency have enabled us to successfully support over 800 projects. We are dedicated to enhancing our capabilities to address the evolving needs of the industry.

    We take pride in our professionals' expertise across the biopharmaceutical value chain, offering comprehensive services from Cell Line Development to Aseptic Filling. Additionally, we are the sole CDMO in France providing microbial manufacturing services.

    The biopharmaceutical industry aims to develop therapies for fatal diseases, which is already a noble pursuit. I think role models are companies innovating beyond products, focusing on supply chain efficiency and cost-effective production, ensuring quick, affordable access to life-saving therapies.

    Our quotation and project management team is highly client-oriented, with each member possessing a robust scientific background specializing in biotechnology (MSc or PhD). Coordination among teams ensures seamless collaboration and the delivery of high-quality service.

    My family has a very good perception of my work. They would say that I work to help patients get access to treatments, especially those who have suffered due to the lack of appropriate medicine,



    The ecosystem can support us by facilitating networking, collaboration, and visibility opportunities within the biotech community. We would be honored to provide our services for innovative projects in Switzerland, known for its vibrant biotechnology industry.

    I am interested in connecting with biotech companies in need of a CDMO offering a comprehensive range of services, as well as CDMOs and CROs interested in forming collaborations.

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