Oncodesign Services is a leading CRO specializing in drug discovery and preclinical services in (immuno-)oncology, autoimmune, inflammation and infectious diseases, through integrated capabilities in medicinal chemistry, DMPK, pharmaco-imaging, bioanalysis, and in vitro/in vivo pharmacology.

Products, services, technology

Integrated Drug Discovery & Medicinal Chemistry, Translational Pharmacology in Oncology & Immuno-Inflammation; DMPK & Bioanalysis: non-GLP/GLP; Pharmaco-imaging: distribution, target engagement, and in vivo efficacy by multimodal translational imaging, Evaluation of microbiome in immunotherapies

Cooperation possibilities

Seeking collaborators building preclincial proof-of-concept (PoC) packages in oncology, immuno-oncology, autoimmune, inflammatory and infectious diseases or Integrated Drug Discovery programs through our DRIVE platform -from hit-finding to IND filing- applied to NCEs, biologics or radiotherapeutics.

Some insights

    Oncodesign Services (ODS) was one of the pioneers in translational medicine in the CRO industry with persistent focus over decades on building better platforms for drug discovery. We offer this rich experience to all our collaborators in their fight for better medicines and treatments.


    ODS is very proud & inspired by our team of discovery scientists and drug developers, who are really on the frontlines bringing therapies from target to clinic. Also the long-term relationships we have with collaborators worldwide, seeing their programs from early stages come to fruition.

    An integrated and tightly knit team in medicinal chemistry, DMPK, pharmaco-imaging, bioanalysis, in vitro & in vivo pharmacology. We focus heavily on science and technology including radiotherapeutics, protein degraders in the small molecules space or chemistry around the manipulation of biologics.

    We are scientists working hard to try to make people feel better and happier so they can spend more time with their families.

    We strive to build a long-term, intimate network of collaborators and partnerships in Switzerland to become an active participant and contributor in this privileged ecosystem, where so many innovations and leading discovery scientists and drug developers are congregated.

    - Biotech start-ups & companies in all stages of development and funding status, including academic research institutions and spin-outs

    - Mid-size or large Pharma looking to externalize research and development or extend capacity

    - Incubators and accelerators, early-stage funders in the ecosystem

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    Private company
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