Pheida develops and deploys biotech solutions at scale to reduce GHG emissions and other pollutants, and to remediate contaminated soil and water. Pheida products combine advanced biotech, proprietary application engineering to deliver unique and commercially attractive solutions.

Products, services, technology

Pheida provides solutions to reduce the environmental impact/legacy from energy, mining food & agriculture, and to enhance the carbon content of soils. Our future proof platform can commercialise novel biotech and help end customers find biotech solutions to improve their environmental performance.

Cooperation possibilities

Pheida is constantly developing an extensive ecosystem of academic, technical and engineering partners requiring cooperation:
- in R&D for contract research and to commercialise their IP
- in engineering and componentry for scale out
- in end customers to solve their problems

Some insights

    Pheida's purpose is to reduce GHG emissions, waste, and other pollution from energy, mining and food & agriculture

    Biotech will contribute to "Net Zero". Replacing heat with enzymatic reactions at ambient temperatures dramatically reduces emissions and can improve economics of industrial processes.

    We solve major environmental challenges by combining advanced biotech, application  engineering designs in commercially attractive climate-tech solutions. We are proud about our strong partner ecosystem and our focus on scale-up/out creates a unique future-proof platform to exploit biotech solutions

    We operate in a unique space so there are no obvious direct role models.

    We are impressed with the capabilities in many Swiss universities with world-leading research.

    Some of our customers understand the need for disruptive technologies and are leaders in addressing environmental challenges.

    We are an international, cross-functional team combining cutting-edge biotech with deep commercial expertise. We are successful serial entrepreneurs in biotech and sustainability-driven companies.

    We grow our biotech expertise, enhance our application engineering and establish an in-house lab.

    He researches new biotech solutions to work towards a greener world. He is particularly involved in projecting financial viability and bridges the gap between laboratory and commercial level projects. He enjoys collaborating with professionals from different industries to find productive solutions

    The Swiss biotech ecosystem can bring together stakeholders, knowledge & expertise committed to the development of industrial biotechnology in
    - Universities/research organisations
    - Companies in the industry value chain (larger corporations and SMEs);
    - Finance providers;
    - Customers;
    - Government

Facts & figures
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    Private company
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  • Number of employees in Switzerland

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