• Monday, March 25, 2024 @ 10:00 am

The scaling of adherent cells presents numerous challenges. Particularly known for their difficulty in reproducing, requiring a highly precise controlled environment condition to guarantee expansion. Common issues include poor attachment to culture vessels, compromised viability due to oxygen and nutrient deficiencies, and inconsistent yields.

Stämm is fine-tunning its Human Tissue Platform, an automated microfluidic platform that enables efficient adherent cell culture amplification at required scale with precise automated control over the microenvironment, improving process efficiency and cost savings in biomass production compared to traditional methods of adherent cell scale-up.

It's composed of key features such as microfluidic channels, which enable optimized culture conditions and keep culture media volume constant throughout the expansion process, preventing variability that could harm consistent cell growth.

While in traditional control the results obtained were 30 thousand cells per cm2, Stämm’s bioreactor achieved 60 thousand cells per cm2.

As a result 400 thousand cells were inoculated in a 10ml 3D-printed bioreactor and an average of 5 million adherent cells were reached in 7 days.

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