Mother company for a range of department:,,,, all concerned with customized a variaty of SUBs, SUFs, SUMs, PCSs ranging 500 ml to 30 liter Vessel Volume as well as accessories and drive systems.

Products, services, technology

Design, manufacturing, customize:
Single-Use-Bioreactors (SUB) for cultivation incl SUS
Single-Use-Perfusion-SUBs ready to use
Single-Use-Mixers (SUM) for viral vector, plasmid, mRNA prep
Membrane Single-Use-Pump's (SUPs)
Process-Control-System's for SUM

Cooperation possibilities

Stobbe Pharma GmbH collaborate with Swiss SecureCell AG, Swiss Hamilton AG and German Eppendorf AG.

Facts & figures
  • Type of organization
    Private company
  • Year of foundation
  • Number of employees in Switzerland

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